Four Stars of Excellence

At Four Star Mechanical Solutions, we are dedicated to ensuring that every business decision we make reflects our commitment to improving the value and quality of the services we offer. The following Four Stars of Excellence outlines Four Star Mechanical Solutions’ expectations of how we invest in our people, display our characteristics, and protect our resources.


From top management on down, we have a “safety first” attitude and conduct all our work practices in a manner that provides a safe working environment for our people and our customers. Our safety performance relies on safety fundamentals like routine tool box meetings and annual safety training for all employees. We deliver products and services that meet, or exceed, all applicable safety standards.


Team meetings are held to review projects and progress, obtain broad input, and to coordinate shared work processes. We assess the needs and listen carefully to each customer’s concerns and questions. With this information, a personalized, custom proposal is created and presented. We actively participate in sustainability and other environmental programs to preserve our resources.


(Greek for Highest form of Excellence or Quality) – Our approach is simple: all work will be done accurately, neatly, and in a superior, professional manner. We offer warranties, guarantees, procedures, and policies that have proven to produce consistently high customer satisfaction rates. We promote Energy Star products, which not only improve comfort and air quality, but limit the negative impact on the environment.


We recognize how valuable our customer’s time, money, property, privacy and loyalty are, and will engage proactively with our customers in a professional manner, with clear and concise communication. We also provide a workplace free from discrimination, harassment or any other form of abuse.  We treat our employees fairly and honestly, including wages, working hours, and benefits.

The Experience

From start to finish our experts guide you through the custom specifications and design requirement for completion of your job.

The Technology

High standards and extensive, continuous training support our technicians as technology within the industry changes.

The Commitment

Reinvestment in people, processes, equipment and technology, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and safe work environments.

The Solution

With planning and consensus on the scope of the project, Four Star Mechanical Solutions completes the job to your satisfaction.

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