By Four-Star Mechanical Solutions Staff

For you, it may be moving time, so let’s review some of the things that you may need to do regarding an HVAC selection.

Here’s a few pointers if you have just moved:

  • If you just completed a move, don’t assume that the filter is new. Go in and replace the air conditioner’s filter, and put in on your calendar to check on this filter every 30-45 days.  This is one of the top ways you take control of the air you breathe.
  • Order up maintenance on the unit, if you find mold or other debris caked on the outside unit. Not every homeowner has really taken care of what they own, so take the first steps to be ready to deal with any subtle issues by having an inspection and spring cleaning maintenance visit.
  • Does the air feel dry? It might be time to evaluate de-humidifiers for the home.  Whole house dehumidifiers can be useful as they directly install onto your HVAC system.  Often, they are set to dehumidify the air as it flows back and around your home’s air ducts.  A 30-pint dehumidifier may make the difference if the focus is on the basement.  This size can also cover crawl spaces of up to 1,500 square feet. 40 to 50-pint dehumidifiers tend to be considered a mid-range for capacity discussions.
  • Allergies can be vicious in the spring through the fall for many.  If you have a family member with this issue, consider investing in higher-quality filters that offer some protection from allergans marked on their packaging.  Consider a Micro PowerGuard.  A MicroPower Guard pulls 97% of particles out of the air, where most filters are at about 50%. (See image)
  • Filthy air ducts don’t clean themselves. If the home is older, this may need to be taken care of, especially for allergy sufferers.
  • Learn about MERV ratings. An air filter’s effectiveness is measured using a MERV rating, or a minimum efficiency recording value. MERVs range from one to twenty, with the higher numbers offering the highest level of filtration.
  • Whole-home air purifiers can be particularly useful for anyone suffering from respiratory issues. Generally these have HEPA filters that work their magic.
  • Look at the Energy Star ratings of the newer units, in case you want an upgrade for your home or replacement is necessary this season. For 2018, here are a few that are worth noting:  AirEase SCU/BCE Series with Comfort Sync Communicating Thermostat; Amana AVXC20 with ComfortNet™ Control; Armstrong SCU/BCE Series with Comfort Sync Communicating Thermostat; Champion AL21B Series with Hx™ Touch-Screen Thermostat; and the Coleman AC21B Series with Hx™ Touch-Screen Thermostat.  Remember that The ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2018 designation recognizes the most efficient products among those that are ENERGY STAR certified. These exceptional central air conditioners and air source heat pumps represent the leading edge in energy efficient products this year.

When in doubt about the next best step for your family in selection, remember to consider satisfaction ratings, in addition to price, and long-term value, and features that work to your special needs.  Remember to give Four-Star Mechanical Solutions a call with any questions in an emergency, 24/7.