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Compressors Evolving to Meet Regulatory, Customer Needs

By Guest Author Herb Woerpel, Senior Editor of The NEWS From the introduction of scroll technology to the onset of variable speed, HVACR compressors have come a long way. Unequivocally, these aren’t your grandfather’s compressors. Today’s equipment is pushing the...

Built-in Diagnostics, Internet of Things Simplify Service

By Nicole Krawcke, Guest Author There’s no doubt that Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled technology has impacted the HVACR industry. Now, the technology is evolving even further, allowing HVACR manufacturers to include built-in diagnostics and troubleshooting in the...

Myth or Fact: UV Lamps Edition

What you should know about UV lamps Despite being recognized for significantly improving airflow and heat-transfer efficiency levels and lowering the costs associated with HVACR systems, ultraviolet light in the 253.7-nm germicidal C-band wavelength (UV-C)...

The Importance of Quality Installations on the Industry

According to multiple studies from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), four out of 10 homes built in the U.S. contain improper HVAC designs and equipment. That is why ACCA elected to create a quality installation standard, ACCA/ANSI Standard 5,...


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